Key Areas of Focus

Organization Development, Inclusion, and Change Management

Organizations are constantly changing to respond to internal and external demands that impact their overall viability. Macroeconomic and other factors will continue to challenge organizations to cut costs (e.g. human and financial), improve the quality of their services and products, seek and leverage opportunities for growth and increase productivity. Although many of these change interventions have helped some organizations compete and survive, while others have been disappointing and devastating to employees who often do not understand the need for the change and how it will impact them personally and professionally.

Changes are occurring so rapidly that little attention is being placed on creating a culture that is developed with both human values and business factors in mind. Adopting an inclusive framework where the organization seeks, welcomes, nurtures, encourages and sustains a strong sense of belonging and high performance from all employees.

Bell & Lindsay’s expertise in the areas of change management focuses on:

  • Inclusion Assessments Skills and Strategies
  • Change Management Skills and Strategies
  • Cultural and Transformational Change
  • Managing Political and Government Relationships

Team Effectiveness and Facilitation

Since most work in organizations is done through teams, it is essential that teams are inclusive and productive in achieving the organizations goals and objectives. Some of the skills and strategies that Bell & Lindsay, Inc. offers in helping develop and sustain highly inclusive and effective teams are:

  • Creating Inclusive Teams
  • Team Effectiveness Interventions
  • Experiential Team Building Programs
  • Interdisciplinary Team Effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

Inclusive Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Ensuring that organizational leaders have the skills, competences, and strategies to perform at their best is essential to the growth and sustainability of the organization. In addition, a critical role that leaders must be prepared to perform is to develop their employees to be the best that they can be. To do that leaders need to have strong skills in coaching, mentoring, and leadership best practices. Leaders must model the desired behaviors.

Along with knowing how to coach, leaders are being encouraged to seek out a management/executive coach to assist them in achieving their own professional and personal leadership goals and objectives.

Bell & Lindsay, Inc. has over 25 years in leadership development and executive coaching. We have provided coaching workshops to many Fortune 100 and 500 organizations in the United States and abroad.

Some specific workshops and consulting opportunities offered by Bell & Lindsay to address your leadership development and executive coaching needs are:

  • Inclusive Leadership Development and Training
  • Executive and Management Coaching
  • Performance Management and Talent Development
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Mentoring Programs

Business Skills for Healthcare and Technical Professionals

In today’s healthcare environment of diminishing resources and budgetary challenges, it is essential that providers deliver high quality, patient centered care. Patients also want to be participants, not bystanders in their care process.

Three major areas of expertise that Bell & Lindsay offers are developing interdisciplinary care teams, wellness education, and clinical coaching skills for doctors, nurses, and other related disciplines. Some critical goals achieved are:

  • To provide as the structure needed to help educate, support, and coach patients and family members on being active partners in their care (e.g. wellness education)
  • Maximize unique value each discipline contributes to task and relationship goals and objectives
  • Promote collaboration, team unity, trust, and interdisciplinary communications that are timely, focused, fact-based, and emotionally intelligent
  • Provide wellness education for employees

We are committed to helping organizations and their employees move towards a healthier lifestyle through a series of wellness workshops that address some of today’s most common health issues. These interactive workshops are tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Bell & Lindsay, Inc. started their business by offering business/soft skills for technical professionals to ensure that the business leader’s technology needs are responded to in an efficient and effective way. It is essential that both groups speak the same language that results in a mutual understanding of desired goals and outcomes. Such an understanding minimizes cost and facilitates collaborative relationships between business and technology. In today’s world, our business leaders are highly sophisticated and knowledgeable about technology and thus desire the relationship to be a real collaborative partnership.

Some specific skills and competencies that both offers to ensure a collaborative partnership between business clients and technical professionals:

  • Clinical Coaching for Physicians, Nurses, and Others
  • Interdisciplinary Care Teams, Skills, and Strategies
  • Health & Wellness Strategies
  • “Soft Skills” for Technical Professionals
  • Business Partnering and Relationship Management