Bell & Lindsay, Inc. is a specialized consulting and training organizational development firm with over thirty years of consulting and training expertise. We are based in Washington, DC and Cleveland, Ohio. We offer organizations a customized and diverse portfolio of education, training, public speaking, train-the-trainer, 360°-evaluations, and coaching interventions that promote inclusive leadership, leadership and team development, and cultural change and alignment. Our tailored, interactive workshops and coaching engagements are facilitated by a diverse team of seasoned consultants and educators who have positively impacted organizations by providing skills, knowledge, tools and processes to help leaders and employees perform optimally in the long-term.

We also offer legislative advocacy services to promote such wide-ranging causes as federal support for high technology medicine practices, and bringing breakthrough health care technology to scale.

Our consultants range from former directors of the White House Military and the White House Communications Office to former Navy admirals to senior level associates at top management firms, and professors at the finest educational institutions in the country.  They are published authors in numerous fields, leading specialists in industry, and have worked closely with federal agency executives for decades, including long-term diversity and resilience initiatives.